Can I switch my lift off when I go on holiday?

If you’re going to be away from home for a while, you may wish to switch off your lift like you would your fridge/freezer or television.

However, it is actually recommended that you leave your lift switched on if you do go away. This will ensure your lift battery is fully charged and ready to use when you return.

Won’t it cost me money to have the lift turned on?

Your stairlift actually costs very little to run, in fact it can cost roughly £7 a year depending on your usage – which compared to the average usage of an iron at roughly £13 a year is very low!

How do I turn my lift off?

If you do decide to turn your lift off, you must make sure you use the on/off switch which isolates the batteries. You will be able to find where this is in your user guide.

If you need a new copy of your user guide, we have digital copies which we can send you by email. Please contact us on 02380 458444 to have one sent over.


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