Stairlifts for straight staircases are less expensive than those for curved staircases, and prices start at around £1000.00 depending on the supplier and the specification of the stairlift.

Some features come as standard. For safety purposes, stairlifts will always include a secure safety belt. Remote controls allow the user to call the stairlift to them or send it back to its original position if a second user requires it. Digital displays allow the user to easily diagnose faults. Safety sensors enable the stairlift to sense whether there is an obstruction and will stop the lift until the obstruction is moved out of the way.

The survey will give essential information when it comes to choosing the right straight stairlift for the property. The surveyor will be able to advise which optional extras will be most beneficial for each individual user to ensure the stairlift is as easy to operate as possible.


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