Stannah 600

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We know that not all homes are the same. If you think your stairs are unsuitable for a stairlift, we think you might be pleasantly surprised.

Our slimline rails and fold-away chairs make the best use of available space, leaving enough room for others to use the staircase.

Contrary to popular belief our rails are fitted to the staircase and not the wall – ensuring minimal mess and bother.

Installation is quick and easy.

Key Features

  • Seat-to-footrest link – When not in use, your Siena stairlift can be folded away by folding the seat and arms. The footrest will automatically fold with the seat. There’s no awkward bending down, which is particularly useful when at the top of the stairs.
  • Swivel seat – Using the levers enables you to swivel the seat easily, making it simpler to get off the chair. Alternatively, you can choose to have a powered swivel seat, which turns the chair to face the landing automatically.
  • Safety edges – In the event that something obstructs the stairlift, sensors on the edge of the carriage and footrest will automatically bring the stairlift to a safe stop.
  • Seatbelt – Choose a seatbelt to suit your style and buckle up for added security.

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Liftability is an  Authorised Stannah Dealer and has achieved the Certificate of Excellence in Installation, Commissioning and Servicing