1. ACCEPTANCE – The contract shall consist of our offer and your acceptance of the offer and shall be in accordance with our quotation and these terms.
    Before signing, the customer is advised to carefully read these terms and the job specifications. If any amendments to the offer or terms of this contract
    are required, it is preferable that they be confirmed in writing by the customer and an authorised representative of the company. For private orders, a
    50% deposit is required with the order and the balance is payable on the day of completion. Our Quotation is provided on the basis that your staircase
    and surrounding structure is sound and suitable for a lift installation.
  2. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS – It is important that a person is present during the installation so our installer can demonstrate the lift and hand over a copy of
    the lift operating instructions. Ideally this would be the person who is going to use the equipment.
  3. BRITISH STANDARDS EN8140 – The products we install are built to EN8140 quality standards. IMPORTANT NOTE: If a lift is to be installed into premises
    other than a single family dwelling, the building owner is advised to take professional consultation on the suitability of a lift for the application. This
    advice should encompass fire regulations, environmental health, building control and, for registered homes, the local authority.
  4. PREPARATION WORK – Any additional work that we have agreed to do is detailed on the front of the Quotation and we will undertake this work at the
    agreed price. Our offer to provide a power supply to the lift is subject to the satisfactory condition of the existing wiring in your property. Should
    additional work be required which is not specified on our Quotation, we will agree this with you before the work is undertaken. At all times, we will
    employ a sub-contractor who is qualified to undertake the work that is required (water, gas, electricity and carpentry). However, as a result of this work
    it may be necessary for you to carry out either redecoration or possibly the replacement of carpet in some areas should your staircase itself need
    modification. Some small areas of carpet may need to be cut in order to accommodate our fixing brackets. All costs associated with this work will be
    entirely at your own expense.
  5. HAND RAILS & MAKING GOOD – Sometimes a hand rail needs to be removed to accommodate the lift installation. Normally, we advise that you should
    arrange for a local tradesman to carry out this task. We can usually remove your hand rail as a courtesy service at no cost to yourself, but this is limited to
    removal only and we cannot carry out reinstatement work such as replastering and redecorating and also we cannot refit the hand rail to another
    location. Our quotations do not include making good of any area effected by an installation e.g. removal of a radiator, unless specifically mentioned.
  6. DELIVERY TIME – Delivery times quoted are from final approval of drawings and settlement of all the details that will enable the manufacturer to proceed.
    We will make every effort to complete the work by any time agreed with you. However, sometimes delays may occur for reasons beyond our control
    and we cannot be held responsible for those delays. Should there be a delay, we will contact you and complete the work as soon as possible.
  7. CANCELLATION POLICY – In the event of cancellation, we reserve the right to charge for any work undertaken in securing your order. In addition, we may
    charge for any manufacture which has taken place and which cannot be reallocated to another contract. This charge may also include the cost of any subcontract work we have carried out on your behalf, e.g. the provision of a power point. In all instances, we will look sympathetically at the circumstances
    and will advise any costs which are likely to be incurred at any point during the contract period.
  8. RETENTION OF TITLE – All materials whether awaiting dispatch or installed (in part or complete) shall remain the property of Liftability Limited until the
    contract value or agreed cancellation charge has been paid in full.
  9. EXTENT OF LIABILITIES – Under no circumstances shall we be liable for consequential damage or loss of any nature, caused, or contributed to, by any
    defect or failure (whether partial or complete) of any part, material or design which was not wholly manufactured by the manufacturer and which we
    would not reasonably have been expected both to inspect and exhaustively test. We shall not be responsible after delivery for damage to materials
    supplied or to work done by us occasioned by any cause not wholly within our control. We shall not be liable for any modifications made to a lift without
    our full knowledge and written consent. Any such change may be contrary to EN8140 for powered lifts and would invalidate our warranty; and may
    endanger the user.
  10. WARRANTIES – Full details of our warranties will be given at installation and are available on application.
    WARRANTY – We will rectify at our cost any effects arising from faulty materials or workmanship for 12 months from the date of installation. Faults due
    to negligence, mis-use, wilful or accidental damage or any other cause beyond our control are excluded from the warranty.
    EXTENDED WARRANTIES – You will be offered the option of taking out an extended warranty at the time of installation. This is a written reminder that
    you have 45 days to cancel your policy with Liftability Ltd and you will be entitled to a full refund of the monies paid. After the 45 days has ended no
    refund can be issued. If you would like to purchase an extended warranty then you have 12 months from the date of installation to have the agreement
    in place.
  11. COMPREHENSIVE CONTRACT – After the warranty period has expired, a fully comprehensive contract which covers parts up to £175.00, call out’s within
    working hours, labour (up to 1 hour per visit) and servicing is available for new lifts, providing the comprehensive contract is renewed annually. This is
    subject to the lift and parts still being manufactured. This only applies to lifts which are purchased by an individual for their private/domestic use.
    Please note: None of section 10 provide financial protection in the event of insolvency or the company being wound up.
  12. GENERAL – Nothing in this Agreement will operate to reduce or take away your statutory rights. We reserve the right to alter our suppliers to provide the
    safest and most reliable products available, if deemed necessary. Any alterations will be discussed with the client.
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