What do the lights on my Access Flow stairlift mean?

You’ve gone to use your Access Flow stairlift and it doesn’t want to move, but there is a strange light on the arm of the lift.

When you move the joystick in the call and park unit or the armrest control,
the lamp on these controls, in combination with an audio signal from the
stairlift, indicate the status of the stairlift.

What could you do to fix the issue and prevent a callout?

The light is flashing green

The means the batteries in this control are almost empty and need to be replaced. Your user guide will explain how to do this.

The light is flashing red and the lift is making a noise

This can mean two things.

The stairlift may not be parked on its charge point. Drive the stairlift to a charging point.

It could also mean that the stairlift has encountered an obstacle (this could be something left on the stairs). Move the stairlift in the opposite direction and remove the obstacle, then try using the lift again.

There is a constant red light

This means there is a malfunction in the stairlift. It’s worth trying to reset the lift by turning it off and on again (please see your user guide for instructions on how to do this) then try using the lift again. If this doesn’t work, please give us a call.

If this happens whilst using the lift, you can use the emergency lowering cord to get down to the bottom of the stairs safely.

For more information you can download the User Guide

If you are unable to complete these checks or don’t feel confident doing so, please be assured we are always happy to help. Please give us a call on 02380 458444.


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