What happens when I no longer need my stairlift?

If you are moving house or perhaps you no longer need it, you may decide that you need to have your stairlift removed.

We can remove and dispose of your stairlift, resite it into another property or possibly even buy it back. Just give us a call and we can run through your options.

Removing your stairlift

We can remove your stairlift and dispose, or recycle where possible. As removing a stairlift requires labour, transportation and sometimes disposal costs, a small fee may apply.

Removal and reinstallation

If you want to decorate and replace the flooring under your stairlift, we can temporarily remove your stairlift and reinstall the same day or even at a later date.

Resiting the stairlift to a new property

We are usually able to resite a straight rail into a new property after carrying out a survey of the lift and the staircase, or remake a curved rail to ensure it fits the new staircase.

Buying back

If the stairlift is well looked-after, which has been regularly serviced and is less than a year old from new, then we may be able buy it back. If you wish to remove your stairlift and you meet these conditions, please contact us to discuss what happens next.

As removing a stairlift requires reconditioning and redistribution work, we will only be able to offer a small percentage of the price originally paid. Buy backs are subject to stock levels and our discretion.

Contact us

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